Cadishead Primary School

Located on Allotment Road, Cadishead Primary School provides a calm, welcoming and purposeful place for children to learn through a balanced curriculum.

The school believe in learning together and the value of teamwork and have developed partnerships with other schools, universities, sports clubs, charities and arts organisations.

All children have the opportunity to take part in a variety of sports at Cadishead Primary School, as well as extra-curricular activities including performing arts, rugby, football, netball, Taekwondo, fencing, gardening and computers.

Parents/carers are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s learning and help the school provide the best support to each child on their learning journey.

The school offers a large hall for community use, which has its own lighting, sound system and stage, ideal for drama, group / band rehearsal, etc.

For further information take a look at their website.


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