Traffic Free Network-Survey

The Traffic Free Network is a series of routes, commonly known as looplines or Greenways, within Salford providing the opportunity for a range of users and uses.  Salford City Council are currently reviewing existing routes with a view to potentially providing enhancements where it is deemed appropriate.  At this initial stage, the City Council would like to obtain feedback from the users of these routes so that at greater knowledge and understanding of these routes can be gained.  The routes in the Traffic Free Network include, Roe Green Loopline, Linnyshaw Loopline, Ellenbrook Loopline, Tyldesley Loopline, Port Salford Greenway, Bridgewater Canalside.

Please take the survey for your thoughts:

For more information about all the GREENWAY’s in the area and to download maps and leaflets, follow the link:

Posted on: 26th November 2018