Peterloo Massacre-200th Anniversary

Eccles Reform Society announce,

Stand with us in Manchester for the 200th Anniversary!
“On the 17 August it will be 200 years and a day since our heroic forbears mage their way into Manchester to peacefully protest for Democracy and their rights. At the end of the day over 700 people had been injured and 18 were dead. Amongst the dead were 2 folk from Eccles.

Join us as we follow in their footsteps to re-create their march to Manchester on a day that proved to be towering in the history of Liberty in the UK.

Please join us and lend your support. There is no limit to how many people can attend but please contact via phone / email as you will need to book and be briefed on this great undertaking.  OR 07491 879808″

Posted on: 29th July 2019