GMSF Consultation

Over the next couple of months, public consultation will be taking place on the Greater Manchester’s Plan for Homes, Jobs and the Environment, also known as the Revised Draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, and the Revised Draft Salford Local Plan.  Please find attached a letter which provides more information about both of these draft documents, explains how to make comments and provides details about planned consultation events.  This letter has been sent to all of the consultees on the city council’s Local Plan database.

The GMSF will cover the whole of Greater Manchester, and is being produced collaboratively by the Mayor of Greater Manchester and the ten local authorities in the area. It will set out how Greater Manchester should develop up to the year 2037 and identify the amount of new housing and employment development that will come forward across the ten districts.

Some of the major decisions regarding Salford’s future development will be taken through the GMSF, and the Local Plan will provide a more detailed set of local policies to complement this. All decisions about whether Green Belt boundaries in Salford should be altered, including whether any existing Green Belt should be de-designated so that it can be developed, will be made through the GMSF and not through the Salford Local Plan.

The Revised Draft GMSF proposes that the following sites in Salford be de-designated as Green Belt and allocated for development:


  • GM Allocation 30 Hazelhurst Farm (400 dwellings)
  • GM Allocation 31 East of Boothstown (300 dwellings)
  • GM Allocation 32 North of Irlam Station (1,600 dwellings)
  • GM Allocation 33 Extension of Port Salford (320,000m2 employment floorspace)

The Revised Draft GMSF is also proposing that some land in Salford is added to the Green Belt, which would result in a net increase of around 30 hectares in the amount of land in the city that is designated as Green Belt.

The Revised Draft GMSF and supporting documents can be viewed online at  If  you would like to discuss one of the individual allocations in the Revised Draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework that are within Salford, please contact Salford’s Spatial Planning team on 0161 793 3782.  The consultation will end on Monday 18th March 2019.

Consultation on the Revised Draft Salford Local Plan is due to start on the 25 January 2019 and run until Friday 22 March 2019. We previously consulted on the Draft Local Plan between November 2016 and January 2017 and a large number of comments were received in response to this.  The document has since been comprehensively modified.  A copy of the Revised Draft Local Plan and all the supporting documentation will be available on the city council’s website at from the start of the consultation.

If you have any queries regarding the Revised Draft Local Plan please contact the city council’s Spatial Planning team on 0161 793 3782 or email



Posted on: 7th February 2019